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Diesel Engine


Cooling Oil Nozzle/ Back Cover/ Washer/ Hexagon Bolt/ Hexagonal Socket Head Plug/ Sealing Waher/ Blanking Cover/ Spring Washer/ Throttle Oil Plug/ Cylinder Block Assembly/ Oil Baffle Plate/ Rivet of Oil Baffle Plate/ Camshaft Bushing/ Countershaft Gear/ Countershaft Gear Bushing/ Idler Gear Shaft/ Spring Pin/ Hexagonal Thread Plug/ Ventilator/ Hose/ Supporting Plate/ Clamp/ Main Bearing/ Main Bearing Cap/ Thrust Bearing Cap/ Main Bearing Bolt/ Wahser/ Locating Bush/ Anti-thrust Ring Group/ Cheese head inner hexagon screw

  • Excellent diesel engine supplier Jiangsu Sunlord 24 hours product inquiry and technical support.
  • Within 30 days after receiving payment.
  • Payment:T/T in advance, L/C.


Our mainly agent world famous brand diesel engine parts for joint venture and cooperation company in China, such as CUMMINS \ LOVOL \ IVECO \ DEUTZ \ ISUZU \ CAT, etc., and also use the brands supplying system in China for foreign manufacturers to develop new items by drawings and samples in order to ensure of meeting OEM standards. So far, our company has provided matching diesel engine parts for for the MF tractor company in the Middle East OEMs, OEMs in Europe, South Africa's mining machinery plant, Australia's water pump factory and other enterprises around the world.


Part Name Part Number Engine type Model Diameter
Piston 3907163 CUMMINS 6BT145 102.0
Piston 3907156 CUMMINS 6BTA 102.0
Piston 3926631 CUMMINS 6BTAA 102.0
Piston 3923163 CUMMINS 6CT 114.0
Piston 3919565 CUMMINS 6CT 114.0
Piston 3917707 CUMMINS 6CT 114.0
Piston 3017349 CUMMINS NT855 139.7
Piston 3017348 CUMMINS NT855 139.7
Piston 3051555 CUMMINS NT855 139.7
Piston 3051556 CUMMINS NT855 139.7
Piston 3051557 CUMMINS NT855 139.7
Piston 3048808 CUMMINS NT855 139.7
Piston 184800 CUMMINS NH220 130.0
Piston 199822 CUMMINS NH220 130.0
Piston 151860 CUMMINS NH220 130.0
Piston 215420 CUMMINS NT855 139.7
Piston 3070703 CUMMINS K-19 158.7
Piston 3070706 CUMMINS K-19 158.7
Piston 3070707 CUMMINS K-19 158.7
Piston 3070708 CUMMINS K-19 158.7
Piston 3096682 CUMMINS K-19 158.7
Piston 3036073 CUMMINS K-19 158.7
Piston 3036074 CUMMINS K-19 158.7
Piston 3926632 CUMMINS 6BTAA 102.0
Piston 3908814 CUMMINS 6BTA 102.0
Piston 2233365 DEUTZ FL912 100.0
Piston 2236679 (2236691) DEUTZ FL913 102.0
Piston 2236693 DEUTZ BFL913 102.0
Piston 04232417 DEUTZ BFL913 102.0
Piston 2143456 DEUTZ FL413F 125.0
Piston 4141427 DEUTZ BFL413F 125.0
Piston 4189679 DEUTZ BFL513 125.0
Piston A350511 IVECO IVECO  
Piston 97210068 IVECO 493 (short)  
Piston 97202002/03/04 IVECO 493 (long)  
Piston T3135J215M  PERKINS 1004  
Piston T3135J181ETC PERKINS 1006  
Piston 8-97089-8920 ISUZU 4JA1  
Piston 8-94369-8920 ISUZU 4JA1/C  
Piston 8-94433-1770 ISUZU 4JB1  
Piston   ISUZU 4JB1K  
Piston 8-97940-2210 ISUZU 4JB1/T  
Piston 8-94250-7290 ISUZU C223  
Piston 5-12111-2250 ISUZU C190-3G  
Piston 5-12111-225 ISUZU C190/225  
Piston 5-12111-064 ISUZU C240  
Piston 5-12111-0680 ISUZU 6BD1  
Piston 8-94169-7650 ISUZU 4BC2  
Piston   ISUZU 6BC2  
Piston 1-2111-3774 ISUZU 6BG1T  


1. Why Should You Buy From Us Not From Other Suppliers?
Sunlord has established strong relationship with many famous complete diesel engine factories and OEM parts factories in China. They mainly consist of: Naveco (Sofim 4 cylinder diesel engine and parts); DCEC (B/C/L/M/N/K/IsDe/IsLe/IsMe/IsFe series engines.
2. How Can We Guarantee Quality?
Always a pre-production sample before mass production; Always final Inspection before shipment.
3. What Can You Buy From Us?
Complete diesel engines,diesel engine parts,MF parts,gas engines,sightseeing train model:YQHC-20,YQHC-30I,YQHC-60I,YQHC-80I etc.
4. If I only had the engine NO., Can you find the matching parts quickly for me?
Yes, we are equipped with Quick Service Online System that enables us to provide information of engine assembly and parts quickly and accurately.
5.What is the mode of payment?
T/T in advance, L/C.