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Diesel Engine


BF4M1013FC After-cooled turbocharged Tier1/Tier 2
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Deutz Company, the independent manufacturer of diesel engines, was founded by Nikolaus Otto, inventor of the four-stroke internal combustion engine in 1864. Deutz has seven licenses or cooperation factories in China right now. Deutz was famous for its air cooling diesel engine. And in the beginning of 1990, the company developed new water cooling diesel engines, which are small in size, big power, low noise, good emissions and easy cold starting, can meet stringent emissions regulations in the world today, has a broad market prospect. Currently, the diesel engine production of DEUTZ which manufacture in China has the following series:air cooling diesel engine series: especially suitable for drought and water shortage and extreme low temperature environment, such as deserts, high altitude, high latitude, mainly used in agricultural machinery, mining machinery, forest machinery, special vehicles, military armored vehicles, power generation, etc.;water cooling diesel engine series: mainly used for commercial vehicles, construction machinery, power generation, power, etc..BFM1015 series, BFM1012/1013 series, TBD226B series, TBD234 series, etc.

Engine Model Rating Power/Speed (kW/r/min) Max. Torque/Speed (N.m/r/min) Displacement (L) Aspiration Emission level
BF4M1013FC 106/1500 116/1800 4.764 After-cooled turbocharged Tier1/Tier 2


Tech Specs:

Engine Model


Rating Power/Speed (kW/r/min)


Max. Torque/Speed (N.m/r/min)


Displacement (L)



After-cooled turbocharged

Emission level

Tier1/Tier 2


1.Why Should You Buy From Us Not From Other Suppliers?

Sunlord has established strong relationship with many famous complete diesel engine factories and OEM parts factories in China.
They mainly consist of: FL912/913/914 engines and parts; Naveco (Sofim engines and parts); DCEC (B/C/L/M/N/K/IsDe/IsLe/IsMe/IsFe series engines.

2.What is the mode of payment?

T/T in advance, L/C.

3.What Can You Buy From Us?

Complete diesel engines, diesel engine parts, MF parts, etc.

4.If I only had the engine NO., Can you find the matching parts quickly for me?

Yes, we are equipped with Quick Service Online System that enables us to provide information of engine assembly and parts quickly and accurately.

5.How Can We Guarantee Quality?

Direclty from Original factories and OEM factories;
Always a pre-production sample before mass production;Always final Inspection before shipment.