5 Signs of a Bad Torque Converter

Having a properly-working torque converter is something you need so your car’s transmission will work. If it is not working correctly, there are some signs that you will notice. Here is a list of some of the most common ways to tell if you have a bad torque converter:

1. The Gears in your Transmission Slip

If the gears in your car’s transmission are slipping, then you more than likely have a bad converter. There likely isn’t enough pressure to control the flow of the hydraulic transmission fluid. 2. Your Car doesn’t Accelerate Properly

A bad converter will cause your car to not accelerate properly. This is because a torque converter controls hydraulics and if it’s bad, it won’t allow enough pressure to go to the transmission and this causes the car to accelerate poorly.

3. Your Car Doesn’t Shift Gears Easily

If a torque converter is bad, a car will have a hard time shifting gears. You will also hear it straining between gears.

4. Your Transmission Surges

If your transmission appears to surge even if you are driving your car at a sustained speed, then it may have a bad torque converter. It is time to get it checked.

5. Your Transmission Lags

A bad torque converter also makes the transmission lag. This is due to not enough transmission fluid and thus the car doesn’t start up properly.

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