3 Signs of a Bad Car Flywheel

     A car flywheel, simply put, is a mechanical device that can store rotational energy that can produce high power pulses once the car is started. Thus, it is a very important part of the car, especially in manual transmission engines. So, what are the signs that your car flywheel is damaged?      1. Gear Slippage
     Gear slippage is the inability of the car to move to the next gear, or the car may shift to the next gear but slip back to the previous gear, or the car increases speed slowly. This can be attributed to a bad flywheel, that causes plate grinding, amplified friction and oil contamination. Thus, the inner machineries of the flywheel are prone to gear slippage.
     2. Burnt Smell
     One of the major indicators of a bad car flywheel is a burning smell, like that of burned toasted bread. The burning odor is an effect of too much heat in the clutch facings. This excessive heat is usually brought about by unnecessary clutch driving.
    3. Clutch Vibrations
    As the driver, when you feel an intensified rumbling or vibration while you use the clutch, then it is a sign of a bad flywheel.  Usually, these vibrations can be felt on the floor of the car. These increased floor rumblings are due to failure of the spring mount mechanism of the flywheel, which then leads to the flywheel’s inability to diminish the tremors as the driver uses the clutch.

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