How to Clean an Outboard Carburetor

    The outboard carburetor is an essential part of your boat, as well as on other engines that are exposed to the elements. The purpose of the outboard carburetor is to control the mix of air and fuel in order to create combustion so the vehicle will run. This applies for all combustion engines, regardless of their size or use. To keep the engine running smoothly you need to make sure that the outboard carburetor is cleaned on a regular basis. A thorough cleaning involves disassembling the outboard carburetor and cleaning each piece. This is much easier than it sounds. The article that follows will show you how to properly clean the carburetor.     Step 1 – Remove the Engine
    The easiest way to work on cleaning the outboard carburetor is by removing the engine. This is regardless if it is a boat or other piece of equipment. In most circumstances, the engine can be lifted off the back of the boat. Some may be bolted down. Removed any bolts that you may encounter and then enlist the help of a friend to help you move the engine to your work area if the engine is large.
    Step 2 – Remove the Outboard Carburetor
    The carburetor is bolted down to the engine, but before it can be removed you have to disconnect several hoses. Remove the fuel line from the engine, as well as the one to the outboard carburetor. Inspect the engine for any other wires or connections that lead to the carburetor and disconnect them as well. The outboard carburetor is bolted to the intake manifold. Choose the correct ratchet and remove the bolts. Place them off to the side for future use and then lift off the carburetor.
    Step 3 – Disassemble the Outboard Carburetor
    The carburetor is simple to take apart by removing the screws, bolts and clamps holding the pieces together. As you take it apart use the camera to take pictures of each step from start to finish. This will aid you tremendously when putting it back together. Place each piece on a clean rag. The outboard carburetor will also have a plug and sealer. You will need to pry them off the carburetor with a screwdriver.
    Step 4 – Cleaning
    Attach the nozzle to the cleaner and begin spraying down the outboard carburetor. Make sure you insert the nozzle into all of the small crevices and holes you find. Allow the cleaner to work for several minutes and then wipe and buff each piece with a clean rag. Before putting the outboard carburetor back together you can replace the plug and sealer. Only do this if either are worn or damaged.
    Step 5 – Finishing up
    Use the pictures you took to put the carburetor back together. View them in reverse order. Once it is together you can bolt it back to the engine and then reconnect all of the hoses you removed. The engine can then be replaced.

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