Cummins Fuel System

     Cummins Fuel Systems (Cummins Fuel Systems) business unit is a leading global manufacturer of fuel system, for the range of 9-78 liters displacement diesel engine design, development and manufacture of the fuel control unit pump, common rail fuel system (Cummins Common Rail , CCR) and the electronic control module, so the engine to meet environmental emissions at the same time, higher reliability, durability,power and fuel economy.     Cummins Fuel Systems has over 80 years of development and production experience, has been in the U.S.Indiana, Texas, Mexico, Ciudad Juarez (JUAREZ) and Wuhan, China set up four major global production base.Cummins Fuel Systems 2008 sales of $ 400 million $ 26 million, representing an annual growth of 4%.Cummins fuel systems supporting the major external customers including Scania, Sweden and Japan's Komatsu

The twentieth century
The twenties-thirties            Cummins fuel pump operation
The forties                            Cummins developed a patented product PT (pressure - time) fuel device
The fifties-the eighties        Cummins PT fuel system applied to the entire product line
The nineties                         Cummins first electronically controlled fuel system - CELECT production
                                              Developed a high-pressure injection system (HPI)
                                              Sweden's Scania and a global strategic partnership
                                              Cummins Fuel Systems operation CAPS
Twenty-first century  
Since 2000                          Cummins common rail fuel system (CCR) production
                                              Scania of Sweden to develop a high pressure injection system (XPI)

Product line
•CELECT fuel system is the first electronic control unit of Cummins fuel injection system, came in 1990,is now mainly used in Cummins 11 l M-series engine platform. CELECT system with cam-driven, able to provide a higher injection pressure.
•High-pressure injection (HPI) system is a heavy-duty diesel engines (9-15 liter) using electronically controlled unit fuel injection system, currently used in Cummins and Scania 15 liters 12 liters of diesel engines.
•High-powered high-pressure injection (HHP HPI) system and heavy-duty high-pressure injection system (HPI) is similar, but also electronically controlled unit fuel injection system for emission range from 6-cylinder / cylinder 19 to rise to 18 / 78 liter diesel engine.
•Cummins common rail fuel pump (CCR) is mainly used in small diesel engines (9 liters), used to replace the previous system, the fuel pump nozzle (PLN), can be achieved in small high-pressure direct injection engines. Compared with other similar products, CCR system can more accurately control the fuel injection quantity, thereby reducing engine emissions and fuel consumption, improve fuel economy, the key supporting models for the Cummins 8.9 liters and 8.3 liters L series C series diesel engine.
•High pressure injection (XPI) system is the latest Cummins fuel system from Cummins and Scania in Sweden to develop manufacturing. Compared with other common-rail fuel system, XPI can provide a higher injection pressure, the key medium for the Cummins and Scania heavy-duty engine package.Local production in China Cummins Fuel Systems (Wuhan) Co., Ltd. The total investment of 10 million U.S. dollars, 8 April 2008 formally put into production , the main products including common rail diesel engine fuel pump (CCR),CELECT fuel nozzles, fuel pump and related parts.Cummins Fuel Systems Wuhan Plant is the second U.S. Indiana, Texas and Mexico, Ciudad Juarez (JUAREZ), the Cummins set up outside of North America's first overseas production base of the fuel system, Cummins in

China to further strengthen the capacity of a localized item key initiatives.
     Wuhan plant an annual production capacity of 70,000 and 150,000 fuel pump fuel nozzle; two annual capacity of 150,000 300,000 fuel pumps and fuel nozzles.At present, Wuhan Fuel Systems Plant in China are mainly products of Dongfeng Cummins ISL8.9 liter, ISZ13 liters and liters of Xi'an Cummins ISM11 full electronic control diesel engines, will also be exported to Asia, Latin America and Europe and other international markets.

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