Cylinder Sleeve Installation Procedures

   If you're rebuilding a diesel or industrial engine that has wet liners, interference fit is not a concern. Most such liners are a simple slip fit installation, and many are prefinished to specifications. Even so, you should pay close attention to the condition of the counterbores in the block so the liners are supported properly – especially if the engine has been rebuilt before. If the counterbore that supports the liner flange is damaged or corroded, it will have to be remachined to support the liner properly. Use the type of seal lubricant specified by the manufacturer. Using the wrong type of lubricant may cause the seal to swell, preventing the liner from fitting properly. If the old liners have a heavy coating of lime or scale on the outside, the cooling jackets in the block as well as the rest of the cooling system should be cleaned. Anything that sticks to the outside of the liners can inhibit heat transfer. Many late model diesel engines require cylinder liners that are induction hardened, ductile iron or some other type of high quality wear-resistant iron alloy. Cheaper materials won't hold up and will likely result in rapid wear and premature failure. A good quality liner should easily last 500,000 miles or more in a Class 8 over-the-road truck. Liner protrusion must also be correct for the head gasket to seal properly. If one cylinder liner sits higher than those in the adjacent cylinders, it can affect sealing.

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